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Welcome to HASLab's Interactive Systems Engineering page!

Work on interactive systems at HASLab focusses on supporting the design, analysis and implementation of safe and usable systems for human use, through model based approaches rooted on formal methods. We have a particular focus on medical devices.

Recent Publications

  • M.D. Harrison, P. Masci and J.C. Campos (accepted) Verification Templates for the Analysis of User Interface Software Design. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering.(BibTeX)
  • R. Couto, J.C. Campos, N. Macedo and A. Cunha (accepted) Improving the Visualization of Alloy Instances. In F-IDE 2018..(BibTeX)
  • M.D. Harrison, P. Masci and J.C. CamposFormal modelling as a component of user centred design. In FMIS 2018..(BibTeX)