IVY toolbench

A model based tool for the analysis of interactive systems designs. The tool acts as a frontend to the NuSMV model checker, creating an abstraction layer where models of interactive systems can be developed and analysed.


A graphical environment for facilitating the design and evaluation of interactive (human-computer) systems. Using PVSio-web, one can generate and evaluate realistic interactive prototypes from formal models.

TOM framework

A GUI's model based-testing framework, mainly focussed on Web user interfaces.

APEX framework

A rapid prototyping platform for ubiquitous computing environments developed at HASLab/INESC TEC. The framework integrates an existing 3D Application Server (OpenSimulator) with a modelling tool (CPN Tools) and physical devices (e.g. smart phones).


uCat (use Case analysis tool) supports the rapid prototyping of software from user requirements.


A repository of GUI's models built on top of The Modelery framework. There you will find some of the models we have developed over the years.